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Say Goodbye to Expensive Debit and Credit Card Terminals - QR Pay is Here to Revolutionize Your Payment Process!
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Introducing the most advanced, first, and most affordable QR payment system in the USA.
  • Need extra income?
  • Look no further than our Digital ATM.
  • Earn commissions and say goodbye to debit/credit fees. Plus, boost your business's income and make life easier for your customers.

Scan and Receive

Go contactless with RTN Me! Scan, pay, and go with ease. Simply scan a QR code to make seamless payments, no cards or cash needed. It's fast, efficient, and hassle-free.

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Digital ATM

‍Join the Digital ATM Revolution: Earn Commissions and Say Goodbye to Debit/Credit Fees!

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Loyalty Program

Join Our RTN Loyalty Program and Build a Stronger Connection with Your Customers

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Why Us

RTN QR Pay is the first open QR payment system available to customers and merchants, regardless of industry.
RTN QR Pay includes QR Pay, RTN Me, Digital ATM, and the RTN Loyalty Program. They operate in a unified and unique manner.
The platform supports the local community and businesses for mutual benefits. It defends against online giants and local franchises, empowering you to succeed.
RTN QR Pay can replace any debit/credit terminals and is suitable for any type of business.
We serve a wide range of businesses that you can think of, including but not limited to:
Convenience stores
Gas stations
Liquor stores
Wholesale distributors
Hotels and motels
Spas and salons
Pubs and clubs
Doctors' offices

How do you get started ?

Download the app from the Store (Android or iOS)
Fill out the inquiry form under New to App and RTN support team will call you shortly
Once the registration process is complete, the startup RTN QR kit will be shipped to your location.
The RTN QR Kit also comes with an RTN printer, which is essential for merchants to process receipts and keep track of transactions. With the RTN QR Kit, you'll have everything you need to manage your payments and keep your customers happy.

This startup kit includes all the necessary outdoor and indoor signage, as well as vital instructions on how to start accepting payments through RTN QR Pay.

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